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Sharkbyte Staff

Head Digerati

Darryl Crum has been hanging onto the bleeding edge of personal computers almost since their inception. Originally specializing in hardware and software to record music, he has since vastly broadened his arena into the more mundane, but equally important mainstream information technology marketplace. He has experience managing global corporate network infrastucture and their mission critical systems, Darryl currently oversees all aspects of SharkByte.

Wirehead Digerati

J.P. Susco has been building the infrastructure necessary to connect telephone and computer networks for over 15 years. He is a master electrition and can totally make sense out of the pile of network equipment and that rat's nest of cables in your equipment room.

Designhead Digerati

Ray Dougela makes the boring, but practical programming that Darryl does into something really awesome.

Developer Digerati

Kenny Evans is the newest Sharkbyte Digerati. He has experience in statistical analysis, mathematics and physics. His expertise includes developing scientific queries investigating the origins of our universe. We hope we can keep him challenged enough to hang out with us!

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